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Meal Deals

Fish Deal   
1 x Fish & Small Chips

Deal 1
1 x Fish, 5 x Calamari & Small Chips


Deal 2
4 x Fish Bites, 2 Prawn Cutlets
5 x Calamari & Small Chips


Deal 3 
1 x Fish, 4 x Prawn Cutlets & Small Chips


Deal 4 
1 x Fish, 2 x Prawn Cutlets, 5 Calamari
Rings, 1 x Seafood Stick & Small Chips

Junior Deal  
2 Fish Bites, 3 x Calamari x Kids Chips

Combo Deals

Grilled Salmon Meal
1 x Grilled Salmon, Side of Chips or Salad


Small Family Pack 

2 x Fish, 6 x Fish Bites, 5 x Calamari, 

Large Chips, 2 x Sauces, 2 x 375ml soft drink of choice

Large Family Pack 
4 x Fish, 4 x Potato Scallops, 10 x Calamari
2 x Large Chips,  2 x Sauces, 4 x 375ml soft drink of choice

Fish & Chips Combo 
Fish & Chips with a 600ml soft drink of choice

Peters Special  
1 x Hoki, 2 x Lemon Pepper Squid, 2 x Lemon Pepper Prawns, 1 x Mini Spring Roll, 1 x Pineapple Fritter, Small Chips,
375ml soft drink of choice or 600ml Mt Franklin.


Quick Snacks

Fish of the Day -  (Hoki or Bassa)
Chips - Small, Large
Potato Wedges 
Potato Scallops 
Calamari Small (5) 
Calamari Large (10) 
Fish Bites (4) 
Prawn Cutlet 
Battered Oyster 
Battered Mussel 
Seafood Stick 
Battered Sea Scallop 
Fish Patties 
Dim Sims 
Chiko Roll 
Spring Roll 
Battered Saveloy 
Crumbed Sausage 
Cheese & Bacon Sausage 
Dagwood Dog 
Pineapple Fritter
Garlic Prawn Skewers 
Crab Claws 
Mozzarella Cheese Stick (4) 


Greek Salad 
Seafood Salad
Seaweed Salad
Gravy (small) -  (large)
Cheese & Garlic Pizza Bread 


From the Grill

Choose from Mornay or Garlic

Harvey Bay Sea Scallops 
Garlic Butter/Lime & Chili Butter or Mornay

Garlic Calamari  
Small / Large


Sea Scallop Skewers  

Oysters - $ Upon Request
6 x Kilpatrick or Mornay
12 x Kilpatrick or Mornay

Marinated Fish 
Snapper with coriander, ginger, & lime


Salmon with chili, coconut, & mango 

Served with your choice of chips or salad

Fish Pita 
Served with your choice of chips or salad, and tartare sauce

Please Note

  • You may substitute a 600ml soft drink for a 500ml Fuze Iced Tea or 450ml Mt Franklin Lightly Sparkling water


  • Meal Deals are not interchangeable

  • See our menu in store for daily specials, flavours, and seasonings

  • Prices are subject to change without notice

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